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    JBoss - IDE

    Sethuramalingam Vijayakumar Newbie

      Hi eXperts,

      I'm new to JBoss environment, let me know the best to develop applications to with JBoss.


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          Guy Daniel Newbie

          Dunno if it's the best, or if there is a "best", as this probably depends on personal choice....

          but I use netbeans, after trying a couple of the commercial ones.

          I develop serverside, clientside, deploy etc all within the IDE - it has in-built Ant, so it's good for xdoclet too.

          I haven't had to use the debugger in serverside code yet, but I don't see any reason why you can't.

          My only real critisism is that you need a beefy sort of a machine to run it - I have no real performance problems on a twin 800MHz PIII with 768MB RAM and SCSI HDD's with W2K as the OS.

          I've also heard good things about Borland's JBuilder.

          My 2c,


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            Tobias Frech Apprentice

            Eclipse M5 with the JBoss-IDE plugin 1.0.1 runs smooth for me.
            I use Ant in combination with Xdoclet to get all the interfaces, homes and descriptors generated for me.
            For deploying on a remote server I use the antscp task (google for it).

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              Robert Hedin Newbie

              We're using IntelliJ IDEA 3.0, a truely awesome IDE. However it's app server intgration could be better (and I expect will be over time).

              It's my understanding that the "core" JBoss developers have (or are) standardizing on Eclipse.


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                Joel Vogt Master

                IntelliJ just beats out Eclipse in my opinion unless price is an issue in which case Eclipse is the way to go

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                  Sethuramalingam Vijayakumar Newbie

                  Thank you all for helping me.

                  Hi GuyDaniel,

                  Mr.Daniel, from your reply i have few questions in my mind, can you please clear me?

                  1. Can i develop the complete J2EE Applications(includeing EJB, Servlet/JSP, IIOP, JMS and others) using NetBean IDE? Please, give me a clear picture. (I already explored Sun ONE Studio Community Edition, it supports JSP/Servlet only, not provide support for EJB and the remaing J2EE things. If i want, i have to go for Enterprise Edition, that is not free. But, Sun ONE Studio follows NetBean IDE. So, if NetBean provides support for complete J2EE Application development, i can go for NetBean)

                  2.I'm looking more clear and confirm explanation from you for Remote Debugging. You given a hint, but i'm looking in detail. (I hope that the Remote Debugging is how much important you know?)

                  3.Mainly i'm looking, which one is the best IDE, giving tight intergartion(like JDeveloper-Oracle iAS, JBuilder-WebLogic, IBM's Visual Age for Java-WebSphere) to the JBoss Application Server to develop entier J2EE Application from the scratch to deployment to the production machine?

                  See, even JDeveloper is a free Download only, but they given main focus to Oracle iAS, if i use JDeveloper for other Application servers (for example, take WebLogix), it will not be productive, and it will make things complex. That is what i'm looking for the IDE which one so close to JBoss.

                  And one more thing you highlighted that performance issue with NetBeans.Actually, your are using a good high configuration machine(PIII, 768 MB RAM), even then you are performance issue with NetBean IDE, i'm bit hesitating to use NetBean.

                  Please clear my doubts and guide me.

                  Thanks & Regards,

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                    Sethuramalingam Vijayakumar Newbie

                    Hi Topias,

                    Thank you for your reply.

                    From your reply i think that i can go for Eclipse M5 (along JBoss plugin). Thank you, i will explore the things that you mentioned and i will let you know.