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    Thus Jboss has Query support as Weblogic QL for finders meth

    harshad Newbie

      Dear friend,

      I have my application on weblogic. For annual cost cutting my company want to replace weblogic to Jboss. I never worked with Jboss before, yet through doc i found that jboss support all J2ee api support so don't find it difficulf.

      Yet i have two issues for this migration i.e.
      1. My current app. server(weblogic) use weblogic specific Query language in its finders method. Can id deploy the same with JBoss or i will need to change My CMP as per Jboss.
      2. I use weblogic specific datasourse driver in my present architechture. Is there jboss has such driver available with it.

      futher i will also like to know from where can i get best stuff, tutorial for Jboss?