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    Porting in house app server to Jboss

    wasiq Newbie

      we are porting an in house application server written in C to jboss. Our app server makes socket calls to to legecy system using propritery protcall.

      i am not able to figure out how should i implement these socket calls in jboss.. Should i open socket directly from Stateless ejbs, or ther should be some java connector for making the socket calls to legecy system.

      any suggestion/ help is appreciated


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          Mikael Eriksson Novice

          An EJB must not _listen_ to server sockets but it should not have any problems to open up a connection and communicate with another system as you want to do.

          Unless the other system is slow so you get transaction timeouts or such.

          On the other hand I guess that a solution with connectors will be "cleaner" and possible more reusable.