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    8·/  JBoss can't get entities by PK

    Leonardo Newbie

      Hi jbosses.

      I got this problem getting users that belong to a given group:
      ERROR: "Entity not found primaryKey = walter"
      Where walter is PK of the first row.

      Here's the code:

      groupLocal = groupLocalHome.findByPrimaryKey("my_group");
      Collection col = groupLocal.getUsers();
      Iterator it = col.iterator();
      while (it.hasNext()){
      userLocal = (UserLocal)it.next();
      name = userLocal.getName();
      pass = userLocal.getPass();

      getName and getPass can't get the rows but I know it works fine with another container.

      >>>>>How can I make a business method for getting entities with a 1 to many rel. - with JBOSS?<<<<

      Thanks in advance!