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    third party jars

    zohar Newbie

      I've created a servlet and packed it in an EAR file. Everything worked fine. Now I want to use a third party jar (Openwave's wappushlib.jar). How do I add it to the EAR/classpath?

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          Peter Doornbosch Apprentice

          put it in the lib directory in your ear

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            zohar Newbie

            I guess I need a good reference on the ear file's structure, cos I have no 'lib' dir at the moment...

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              Peter Doornbosch Apprentice


              Ok, this applies to the structure of the .war, but rereading your first post, i think that will do (the 3td party stuff is used only by the servlets, right?)


              Btw if you use ant to create the .war file, you wouldn't have to bother about its precise structure, ant would handle this for you.

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                zohar Newbie

                thanks for the reply.
                In the meantime I've added the jars to the server/default/lib dir - that did the job, although it's probably for the whole server.
                I am using ant for the build, but it's very simple - any good examples? BTW, I'm using the ant task to uploaf the ear file to the server (using FTP). The Jboss used to reload the newer version every time I did that, but now it stopped for some strange reason. I have to restart the whole server each time I update the ear file... Any suggestions here?