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    Context Startup Failed

    michael lee Newbie


      When redeploy a .war file to Jboss, i get following errors:

      StandardContext[/jasper_webapp]: Resources start failed:
      StandardContext[/jasper_webapp]: Context startup failed due to previous errors
      StandardContext[/jasper_webapp]: Exception during cleanup after start failed
      LifecycleException: Container StandardContext[/jasper_webapp] has bot been started

      By redeploy the file (copy to deploy directory) against or restart Jboss, the problem is fixed.

      This problem occurs occasionally.

      Is this a problem with Jboss? Is there any mean to redeploy the application (say using jmx-console)?

      Version: Jboss 3.0.6 + Tomcat 4.1.18

      Thanks in advance.