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    how to use FORM based login...

    Shaili Agrawal Newbie


      Could anyone please tell me how does the FORM based login work. i want to use form based only because on the login page i want to have options like change password and forget password.
      Consider that i have the following in my web.xml

      <realm-name>Form-Based Authentication Area</realm-name>

      now after deployment i get login page (designed by me)... but i don't understand how does the values get mapped to the actual users and roles and passwords.... is there some way to do this. I couldn't understand much from the examples i have reffered, but i couldn'd find a difference... moreover they use struts, which i cannot use for some reasons

      please tell me how to do this, or please some article which would explain how to use form based login. as soon as possible... i am just stuck.
      please explain in detail if possible i will be really grateful anyways
      thankyou in advance.