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    Doubts, Please clearify


      Hi everyone,

      I am going to start working on a new application, which seems to have a challenging UI. The app is going to be full Ajax enabled. To make it easy to decide which component libraries we should go wih, it would be great if someone can let us know, whether the following stuff will possible with richfaces:

      1) Deciding the no. of tabs and also the content inside on the fly, i.e number of tabs shown and the content displayed in them will change based on what kind of data is coming. Display is dynamic all the time.

      2)trees inside datatable. Content of innermost tree are editable. Also at times clicking on some of the tree component can affect the display in other parts of the page.

      3)open / close segments of page the way you see in SAFARI browser. Lets say when you hide unhide a browser window

      4) functionality of rich:simpleTogglePanel but in vertical direction.

      5) resizable panels

      Thanks in advance!