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    Entity Bean Example

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      I'm a complete novice with JBoss but have some previous experience with EJB on WebLogic. I'm currently trying to work through some of the examples provided from this website (e.g. the Crime Portal) and am experiencing some difficulties. I've managed to put together a simple stateless session bean and call this from a client application. I'm now trying to set up a simple Entity bean example and this is where my problem lies.

      Using the Crime Portal example, when I try to create a new organisation after looking up the home interface (Organization yakuza =
      organizationHome.create("Yakuza", "Japanese Gangsters");), I get the following exception:

      at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.local.LocalHomeProxy.invoke(LocalHomeProxy.java:110)
      at $Proxy0.create(Unknown Source)
      at CrimePortalClient.main(CrimePortalClient.java:56)

      Any idea?

      Ideally I would like a very sime entity bean example which creates, populates and retrieves from a db table. In the crime portal alot of the db work seems to be hidden(?) so I can not really see what is going on.

      Many many thanks in advance