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    How do I make my jared classes available for class loading w

    only1geordie Newbie

      I have created a MBean which extends the ServiceMBeanSupport class and placed an entry into the jboss-service.xml file. All run's well.
      (I have placed all may classes within a simple JAR.)

      Next I created my own MBean independent of JBoss. I created an instance of the MBean within my JBoss MBean metioned above and register it with the server given to me by the JBoss MBean Services.

      When I run JBoss I get a [ClassNotFoundException No ClassLoaders found for....myMbean Class], when I creating my independant MBean

      ObjectInstance serviceManager =server.createMBean( ServiceManagerServer.class.toString(), ServiceManagerServer.OBJECT_NAME, );
      server.registerMBean(serviceManager, serviceManagerServer.OBJECT_NAME).

      Can anyone help me with this one. How do make my classes available for class loading within JBoss