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    ant.properties Question

    Brady Sean McCarson Newbie

      This setting is confusing to me. Could somebody explain a little more detail about what this setting is suppose to represent?

      # Set the configuration name that must have a corresponding directory under
      # <jboss.home>/server

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          Martijn Newbie


          JBoss can start in 3 different 'modes'. The minimal, default and all mode.

          Minimal, only has logging, JNDI and a deployment scanner. Anything else is not enabled.

          Default is the standard server environment that is started without any extra configuration. It contains all except clustering and RMI/IIOP service. So EJB, JMS etc.

          All, contains all including RMI/IIOP.

          When you launch your server normally it starts in default mode. So the ant documentation actually asks you which configuration you use.

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            Brady Sean McCarson Newbie

            So, the "default" that is used does not need to be changed. unless I choose?

            What if I have an application that I am going to run as its own server? The way I understand the documentation "Getting Started..." I will need to copy one of these "modes", rename and if so choose configure it. Will I need to change this section to reflect that new server instance?

            Thanx for replying.

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              Martijn Newbie

              I am not sure what you mean with 'running an application as its own server'. Maybe you can clarify a bit what you mean.

              If you for instance deploy an application with EJBs and JSP/Servlets, in app1.jar and you deploy another application app2.jar, and both are different (that is different classes/packages in each jar file) you can deploy them to the same 'mode'. So for example to default.

              Default is indeed used if you (in windows) launch 'runjboss.bat'.

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                Brady Sean McCarson Newbie

                The documents I am reading tells me to make a copy of the "default" server and rename it to something significant for my application. Then to add my .jar files to this new server/myapp/deploy dir.
                When I do this don't I change the ant.properties file and direct the code from above at this new server?
                Or am I not understanding the documentation?

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                  Martijn Newbie

                  Yes you can make a copy of one of the directories and rename it. In that case you must change your ant.properties file as well. To point it to the right server as well as the new directory. So you're at the right track. :)

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                    Brady Sean McCarson Newbie

                    Hey thanx. I was a bit confused on this topic. Your input helped. I have much to learn. : )