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    Does JBoss compile the code it deploys?

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      I've been struggling with a problem recently which I hope someone can shed some light on. It concerns the use of JiBX (an XML binding framework) on JBoss (3.0.3). Here's a bit of background:

      In JiBX, data is transferred between XML structures and data classes via a mapping file. After you've compiled your data classes, you need to "enhance" them via a JiBX utility before you can start using them for mapping with XML. This process results in additional properties and methods being written to the original data class.

      Now, when I bundle everything together in a jar file and send it the JBoss, it all deploys OK but when I attempt to run it, I get a JiBX exception indicating that the main data class has the additional i.e. enhanced stuff missing. I know that the enhanced version of the class is ending up in the jar file but when I introspect the data class while the bean is running, I find that the additional JiBX stuff is missing - its almost as if JBoss is recompiling the data class during the deployment or creation processes. Is this likely?

      I've tried looking at EJBDeployer mbean properties and even writing data class enhancing code in the bean itself but without any joy. I know that some JDO frameworks use enhanced data classes and that people have apparently used JDO successfully with JBoss so I'm hoping that these problems won't prevent me from using JiBX for XML binding.

      Any ideas anybody may have will be appreciated.