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    markzander61 Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'm probably missing something very obvious to everyone else, so please be kind. We just started using JBoss and I have been given the task of administration. I am a systems and web server admin - web servers as in apache and iplanet/netscape. I have never worked with Weblogic or any other app server.

      I have JBoss 3.0.4 working and have built the template example and deployed so the customer can see that we have something answering their URL. Very soon they are going to send me a .war file. This file will be built with no knowledge of JBoss - not sure if it will be built with knowledge of Weblogic or not.

      What will I need to do to deploy this war file. I have paid for and downloaded all the doc. I own the 2.4.6 admin book and the JBoss 3.0 deployment and administration handbook. But I don't see anything in them that tells me what I will need to do.

      As a test I took a war file from one of our Weblogics apps and tried deploying it. It didn't work. Then I deployed foe-deployer-3.0.sar and redeploy the war file. It kind of works but still has errors.

      At that point I have no idea what to do next. If they send a war file with no knowledge of JBoss or Weblogics, will it work? What will I need to do? I am sure I will be expected to make it work within a day, but I have no idea where to begin.

      Any help?


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          Raja Master

          Weblogic has its own vendor specific deployment descriptor for a war file(weblogic.xml) which has weblogic specifc parameters. If the app doesnt use any of those, the war wouldnt have any weblogic.xml files and it should just deploy fine with JBoss. Instead, if there is a weblogic.xml, you need to create a jboss specific deployment descriptor and bundle that with ur war file. The Developers could as well use XDoclet or some other code generation tool to create the Vendor specific deployment descriptors in which case you should be fine.
          For the app that u tried on Jboss, try doing a
          jar tvf someapp.war and see if you have a weblogic.xml listed in that war. That is most probably the reason it failed to deploy on jboss.
          Hopefully this shud be a starting point for u to debug!!


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            markzander61 Newbie

            How do I relate the Weblogic deployment descriptors to JBoss descriptors?

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              Juha Lindfors Master

              If they're sending you a standard J2EE package (no vendor specific descriptors) you should be fine. You can just drop it into the deploy dir. After that you can start adding JBoss specific descriptors if you need to optimize/customize the behavior.

              If you get a package with weblogic descriptors you should still be able to deploy to JBoss. There might be some behavioral differences though. If foe deployer isn't able to correct them all, you're basically left with looking at both Weblogic manuals/DTDs and trying to find the matching tags in JBoss descriptors.