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    Web-app load order dependency

    stevecoh1 Newbie

      Is there any way to tell JBoss that when loading an EAR file containing 2 WAR file modules which one it should load first? There is such a mechanism within WAR files, of course but the application.xml DTD doesn't give any way to do it. This application previously lived in JRun where it loaded the modules in the order they appeared in the EAR file, but apparently there is no requirement that the container do it this way.

      I also tried giving IDs to each module in the proper order but that did not help. JBoss insists on the loading the second module first and it craps out that way.

      I suppose I should remove the order dependency since there doesn't appear to be any way to maintain it, unless someone can suggest a way.

        • 1. jakarta commons-logging and log4j WAS Re: Web-app load order
          stevecoh1 Newbie

          Let me give some more info here to explain what I am trying to do.

          This suite of web-apps used to run in Jrun. It used jakarta commons-logging wrapping around Log4j. Log4j was not connected to JRun in the same way as it is connected to JBoss. In order to get logging to work, I had to create a special Log4j initialization servlet that was the first servlet loaded by the first web-app loaded.

          Since JBoss (and standards) provide no way to assure which web app loads first that won't work. Commons-logging no longer finds log4j. Has anyone else used commons-logging in JBoss this way?