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    Swing and Embedded JBoss

    aradeski Newbie

      I am trying to figure out if JBoss is the middleware solution I am looking for.

      My system is not a web app, it will be a Thick Client (Swing) with some back-end system (possibly jboss) and will need to run in a group mode or standalone mode.

      In group mode the system will share data with other clients running on the same network.

      In standalone mode a system will take a current snapshot of the data and be able to operate without a network. At this point the previously shared data will need to be locked until the standalone returns and provides updated data.

      My question is can I "embed" JBoss into the Thick Client and use the clustering features to work in a P2P type config? In this scenario there is a Thick Client + JBoss pair on every computer communicating with a Sever (possibly just a RDBMS or another JBoss instance).

      I don't want to have to use remote interfaces from the Thick Client as the performance penalty would be too high. The core data will be stored as EntityBeans. I would like to leverage CMP, CMR, JTS, JMS and other services provided by jboss, but use them in what may first appear to be an "unnatural" manner.

      Does anyone have any information which would help, or is able to discuss this in more detail?


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          Joel Vogt Master

          I've done a project which is pretty much exactly what you describe here. In my case there are a number of jboss/swing app clients that also talk to a central jboss server. From trial and error the best way in my case to get it going (reliably) was a combination of JMS messages back and forth and database replication.
          It all works though, you would just need to adjust for whatever hassles you app has

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            aradeski Newbie

            Are you using JBoss Clustering features? Also I liked to look of hsqldb, does that support the replication you speak of?

            The main thing is that the appserver, and rdbms need to be as close to zero maintenance for the end user. Such as, no MSSQL or Oracle Db's.

            When you Swing Client and Local JBoss are colocated are you forced to use the Remote Bean API or can you "fudge" it so the client uses the Local API?

            Also, does your client deal with Entity beans directly or do you use more course grained Session beans?