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    Web Directory Creation - Urgent

    jagan Newbie

      hi All!
      I am new to JBoss.
      When i am running ear file, its creating a web directory as web1056
      (1056 is random generated number) under ../jboss/tmp/deployDefault/www.ear/

      I want to generate the directory as web not with any extension and
      also directly under jboss.

      where must i configure this?

      thks in advance

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          Not sure if you can remove the extension, but try

          in your run.sh to change the location of temp files.


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            jagan Newbie

            hi !
            Basically my problem is the system will generat a .pdf report once the clicks on a link.
            That file to be saved and retrived to show him
            About this problem,i already posted.
            Once again i am asking in this post.
            If i give file name only, the file is saving under /jboss/bin/
            But i must save it in one directory under web/ so that i can again
            How should i give relative path so that the file will be saved in
            the tmp/dir?