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    own log4j properties file

    riki1512 Newbie


      I'm new to this technology.

      I had a problem defining my own log4j properties file and configuring the Application via the log4j class PropertyConfigurator. I solved it by copying the file somewhere in the JBOSS_CLASSPATH and outcommenting my own ConsoleAppender in the file to circumvent the console stream is looping... runtime-Error. It works, but I'm asking myself if this really makes sense. I would really like to keep my properties file separate from log4j.xml (have my reasons), but isn't their another solution than mine ? For example for moving to another ApplicationServer I would'nt I have the same Problem again ?


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          whafrog Newbie

          I've had the same problem and spent a good part of the last week searching for an answer. This is a very common jboss issue: basically jboss co-opts log4j and you are left having to customize jboss to get the output you want. I've seen other people mention having solved it, but they don't bother to say how.

          Just MHO, but each webapp should be able to control its own logging, which, as far as I can tell, is not possible in jboss.