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    trugbild Newbie

      I just downloaded jboss 3.2
      And am now wondering, where the jboss.jcml has gone... no note, no documentation, no help, no "what is new"...
      And I've found what I've already found in version 2.4: jBoss seems to be one of the badest documented application (i got the "Administration and Development"-Guide and in my opinion, it is absolut worthless) - not to mention the online free-documentation, which is also absolut awkward.

      Hey! You think you are "coding the future"?
      Then perhaps you should also try DOCUMENTING the future!

      The ease of use of jboss is deep down in the cellar...

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Less of the I want. You have a made a
          contribution of three posts in 18 months.

          If you think the documentation is that bad, why
          don't you write your own - I'm sure you'll make
          lots of money with superior documentation.

          To answer your question:

          jboss.jcml is replaced with
          server/default/jboss-service.xml for core configuration.

          Other mbeans such as the database or webserver
          are now hot-deployable in


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            Mathew Blackberry Newbie

            I agree with Adrian, I am dissapointed with all of the people in these forums that are complaining about JBoss, I have only just started using it and have found it to be a great package, perhaps if people are so unhappy with JBoss then they should go out and pay thousands of dollars to use one of the commercial application servers. Users should happy with the great job that the JBoss team have done in giving us this great package.


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              trugbild Newbie

              as it would be soooo difficult, just to write a short "what is new" or "what has changed". What about a short introduction?
              Now, I've got a tool for free, but will not be able to use it, until I buy a lot of expensive books which do not fit my needs, like this "Administration and Development"-Guide.
              If you do not want to guve everything away for free it's okay, but what about a single thougt about the users and developers (not the administrators) who have to work with jboss?

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                trugbild Newbie

                > You have a made a contribution of three posts in 18 months.

                Since I wasn't already a member on this site two days ago, I have made a contribution of three posts in ONE SINGLE DAY! So if you take your calculator, you'll find out, that I'm going to make a contribution of about 1642 posts in 18 months.

                pfff... helping new members by accusing them that they haven't made a big contribution in the last 18 months is a bit dumb, isn't it?

                If I'm going to get help with my transactions-problem, I sure will remember it and give it back by commitment in this forum. But 'till know, almost everything I got is an advice, that I haven't wrote a lot of posts in the last 18 months on a site, to which I signed yesterday.

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                  Adrian Brock Master

                  Hehe, yet another bug in the Jive Forums.
                  It is claiming every new member registered in Oct
                  2001, my apologies.