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    Help required with CMP

    uzair Newbie

      i am new to jboss . i have deployed a entity bean (CMP) to the default datasource on jboss3.0.4 . (HypersonicSQL) . now i want to change the default storeage from HyperSonic SQL to SQL Server . i have the SQL Server-servize.xml file and have edited it to add my user name and password to it for default login . how to i tell the Container that it shoud use SQL Server no Hypersonic SQL for storing . I saw some where that we can change the settings in jboos-cmp .xml , some file like that . can some one give a tip as to how to do this .

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          Raja Master

          In ur jbosscmp-jdbc.xml,
          1) change the datasource to whatever is the JNDI Name of ur SQL Server datasource
          2) Change the datasource-mapping to MS SQLSERVER or MS SQLSERVER2000 (depending on what version you got).

          Look for the datasource-mapping in standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml in the <JBOSS_DIST>/server/conf dir.


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            uzair Newbie

            THisis the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file i am using .

            <datasource-mapping>MS SQLSERVER</datasource-mapping>


            if i go to the standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml and change the default datasource to MSSQLDS it works fine and the SQL SERVER is used for CMP . but i want to keep the default to the Hypersonic SQL and only for this CDBean use the datasource i have specified in the above mentioned file .

            why is that not working . it still mapst he CDBean to the hypersonic sql instead of SQL server . it simply ignored the datasource i am telling it to use .

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              uzair Newbie

              i have another related problem . the jboss server usest he source that i specify in the standardjaws file in the config directory
              i simply ignores wat ever data source is mentioned any where else and uses the one set as default in this file .