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    global application variables ?

    riki1512 Newbie


      I have some env-entries defined in the ejb-jar.xml. If I'm right, i can lookup them only from the corresponding bean. Where can i define such variables to access them from other objects running in the same application without using properties files ?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The env-entries are available in
          for the bean/web-app that defines them.

          Anything accessed on the same thread
          inside an ejb or web invocation also
          has access to this naming context.


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            riki1512 Newbie

            Ok, now it works, but in my book and nowhere else stands that the code for looking up env-entries

            Context initContext = new InitialContext ();

            works only in the Bean.

            Outside the Bean i've got to use the


            constructor with the naming-service definitions to lookup env-entries, like a client calling an ejb-object.
            For you that is normal, but i as a bloody newbie am copying only that what i see.

            Why can I call the env-entry from a bean without handing over a hashtable with environment-definitions to the InitialContext ?