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    Invoking MBeans

    peter_l Newbie


      I'm new to JBoss and EJB and I was wondering if anyone knows whether the JBoss MBeans are lookup-able and callable from an EJB client just like other EJB objects?


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          Adrian Brock Master

          You need to use one of the jmx connectors/adaptors.
          e.g. The RMIAdaptor

          Search the JMX forum for details.

          Or examine the jboss testsuite which uses the
          RMIAdaptor to deploy tests remotely on the
          MainDeployer MBean.

          There are also some open source ant tasks
          that can invoke MBeans remotely, I can't remember
          the links.
          You will find JBoss's version in
          but it isn't well documentated.


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            peter_l Newbie

            Hi Adrian,
            Thanks for the feedback. I actually can view and call the MBeans from my browser via the jmx-connector, or the Management Console JMX Agent as they call it.
            But let's say I have an java client that uses the jndi to lookup and call the EJB, can I use it to lookup the MBeans and call them? and if yes, what would be the home object namespace that I should use, provided I include my local machine in the url.