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    Tree expandAll

    Krzysztof Dzik Newbie


      I have encountered a problem with expandAll method after switching to RichFaces 3.1.0
      It worked well with 3.0.1 (although code was different due to changes in 3.1.0), it also worked well with 3.1.0-rc3 (code below), but works no longer with 3.1.0-rc5 and 3.1.0 release.

      Here's my code for expanding all tree nodes:

      public void expandAll() {
       try {
       } catch (IOException e) {

      treeState and uiTree are defined as:
      private TreeNode tree;
      @In( value="calculationEditTree",required=false,create=true)
      private UITree uiTree;
       private transient org.richfaces.component.state.TreeState treeState;

      The page fragment looks like:
      <rich:tree binding="#{calculationEditTree}" componentState="#{calculationEdit.treeState}" value="#{calculationTree}" var="item"

      In 3.1.0-rc5 and above this no longer works.
      No exceptions are thrown but the tree remains collapsed.

      Any help would be appreciated!