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    TOMCAT and Jboss3.0.6

    krishkumar Newbie

      I am trying to start TomCat server when jboss server is already running and I am getting port binding error from tomcat server.

      What part of jboss is using port 8080 ?

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          Adrian Brock Master


          You can remove JBoss's webserver
          something like jbossweb.war

          You will have to remove all the wars.

          Any reason why you are not using the integrated
          web server? It is much faster.


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            Jon Barnett Master

            By default, JBoss already comes with an embedded servlet container - if you didn't download the JBoss-Tomcat bundle, it will be Jetty. This is located in your deploy directory as a SAR - jbossweb.sar. In most cases, unless you have a specific reason to run a separate instance of a servlet container, use the embedded one as it will operate faster and be more resource efficient running both containers in the single VM.

            In any case, that will be the port 8080 clash. You should be able to remove it by removing the jbossweb.sar and the httpinvoker.sar but you will also need to remove any WARs in the deploy directory as well.

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              krishkumar Newbie

              Thanks for the replies,

              I did not know that jboss had a servlet Engine. Where do I deploy the .war files ?

              In the same place where I deploy the ejb .jar files ?

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                Jon Barnett Master

                Yes. You put the WARs in the deploy directory. The FAQ on embedded Jetty covers things in more detail.