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    Total Java Newbie...

    sstillwell Newbie

      I'm trying to get up to speed as rapidly as possible with Java, with an emphasis on J2EE/JBoss development, both web and desktop client applications.

      I know this is a HUGE subject, but where should I start? Is there a logical sequence to follow? I've been doing development in a consultative environment for 20 years, and am starting to lose track of the number of languages that I've done production work in, but I don't have any irons in the fire right now to force me to "learn by doing"...I figure it will be kind of novel to learn something before I have to have it...

      Any help would be appreciated...this all looks too cool to be believed...I'm hyped!


      Scott Stillwell

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          Juha Lindfors Master

          For Java, get a no bullshit reference guide that you can use when you fail to remember some specifics of the language. I recommend The Java Programming Language by Gosling, Steele and others.

          It only comes as a dead tree version, if you prefer not to spend money and don't mind reading from your screen (how's your eye sight?) then the sun page lists several books available online. Of these I've only looked at the Java Tutorial by Campione & Walrath which seems pretty ok.

          A lot of people swear by Effective Java by Bloch to learn the pitfalls and eccentricities of Java language but I haven't read this myself.

          As far as J2EE/EJB goes the Enterprise JavaBeans by Richard Monson-Haefel comes with a JBoss Workbook with all the examples adapted for JBoss server. Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans my Ed Roman is another popular EJB book and its ok.