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    save rich:effect status

    Alexander Thömmes Newbie


      I have a problem to save the rich:effect status in my application.
      On the included image you can see my dialog.

      Every module like "Termin", "Aufgaben" or "Wiedervorlagen" consists of two rich:panels. If i click on the outer rich:panel header the inner richpanel will be blindUp or blind down with rich:effect.

      Now my problem is, if i blindUp a modul the inner panel is not viewen what is correct, but if i make a submit the inner panel of this modul is viewed allready.
      I want to save the effectstatus. For example i close every modul with blindUp and navigate to another page. If i return to the modulpage every inner panels of the modules are showen.

      Here is a simplified codesniple:

       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:panelGroup id="termineHead">
       <a4j:commandLink rendered="#{!MDlgPortalHeute.MCollapsedTermine}" onclick="downDto({duration:0.8})" action="#{MDlgPortalHeute.aktionCollapsedTermine}" reRender="termineHead">
       <h:graphicImage value="..."></h:graphicImage>
       <h:outputText value="#{language.termine}:" styleClass="TextLabelFo"/>
       <a4j:commandLink rendered="#{MDlgPortalHeute.MCollapsedTermine}" onclick="upDto({duration:0.8})" action="#{MDlgPortalHeute.aktionCollapsedTermine}" reRender="termineHead">
       <h:graphicImage value="..." ></h:graphicImage>
       <h:outputText value="#{language.termine}:" styleClass="TextLabelFo"/>
       <rich:effect name="upDto" for="dtoTermine" type="BlindUp"></rich:effect>
       <rich:effect name="downDto" for="dtoTermine" type="BlindDown"></rich:effect>
       <rich:panel style="" id="dtoTermine" styleClass="box" headerClass="panelHead" bodyClass="panelBody">

      The action "aktionCollapsedTermine" only set the var "MCollapsedTermine" true if it's false and false if its's true.