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    limit number of instances or threads ?

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      i read some posts about the question to limit the number of Bean-Objects in an InstancePool. Maybe this makes no sence, but i need it for performance-tests. There is the possibility to limit them in the standardjboss.xml, but someone wrote that jBoss doesn't really care about the limitation there and maybe that's true. I tried it like that:

      <instance pool> org.jboss.ejb.plugins.StatelessSessionInstancePool</instance-pool> ...

      I don't now if that's true (I have a stateless Session Bean), but it did not work. The clients had parallel access to the service. More than 1 Bean must have been instantiated. Someone said to test that I've got to limit the number of threads. Is that possible ?

      Am i making errors in the standardjboss.xml ?
      Is there really the possibility to limit the threads ?

      And further, how can I test how many Beans have been instantiated or how many there are in the pool ?
      Now I'm only sure that there was more than one.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          represents the number of beans that
          will go back in the pool rather than being
          thrown away.

          If you want to restrict the "ready" beans in the
          pool and "active" beans used in invocations together
          you have to use strict pooling.

          300000 <!-- 5 mins -->

          NOTE: 5 minutes is the same as the default
          transaction timeout

          This was broken in all but the most recent versions
          of 3.x because of the pool feeding that has
          now been removed.

          You should be able to get more info by looking at the
          jboss.xml dtd or looking at the source for