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    Forum Problems: Can't change E-mail address (among other thi

    Jim Hazen Expert

      Dunno if this is the right place, but there didn't seem to be a forum for whining about Forum bugs. :)

      There seems to be an odd accounts issue with Forums vs JBoss main site.

      Right now, my Forum's E-mail address is incorrect (was from an old job). However via the Forum's "Your Settings/Profile" link, there isn't an option to change the E-mail address.

      In the Main Menu, I can go to "My Account" and update my E-mail address there, but these changes don't seem to be reflected when I post to the forums.

      It's strange, since when viewing forum posts, my timezone information seems to come from the Main Menu options, and not the Forum Settings/Profile.

      Anyone know what's going on here?