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    HELP!!! I feel like i'm in hell

    null null Newbie

      Hi All,

      (Isn't there juse a simple example, just saying hello world (session/entity beans), like on http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/onlineTraining/J2EE/Intro2/j2ee.html

      An example which just occasionally generates 1 or 2 erros, but not a damn list of 91 and an additionally 60 when there is some miny, tiny detail missing.

      Why this big pain in the ass example ??? or is it just me ???)

      Is it just me or is that hard to get the template projects (sample project of quick start guide) that hard to get up and running. Im getting al little bit frustrated here.... please give me a hand.

      Normally I'm developing on Linux, but for this occasion I'm developing on windowsXP. There are that many compiling erros that I can't figure out where to start.... i'm browsing for hours and looking through all of the config files, but I can't get the endless list of compiling erros to disappear.

      It seems the build.properties isn't correctly used... It seems to be ignored by ant... If anyone out there did make it, to get the sample project up and running on windows (xp) It would mean a lot to me if you could point me out some directions... or come by and fix the *()&*(&) errors :-)

      See below for details.... (I just putted everything in my env... but it seems it doesn't matter at all....)

      first the ejbdoclet generates about 91 warning messages about not being able to find some classes, see example below:

      [ejbdoclet] D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template\src\main\ejb\test\session\S
      equenceGeneratorBean.java:15: package javax.ejb does not exist
      [ejbdoclet] import javax.ejb.CreateException;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template\src\main\ejb\test\session\S
      equenceGeneratorBean.java:16: package javax.ejb does not exist
      [ejbdoclet] import javax.ejb.EJBException;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template\src\main\ejb\test\session\S
      equenceGeneratorBean.java:17: package javax.ejb does not exist
      [ejbdoclet] import javax.ejb.SessionBean;
      [ejbdoclet] ^
      [ejbdoclet] D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template\src\main\ejb\test\session\S
      equenceGeneratorBean.java:18: package javax.ejb does not exist
      [ejbdoclet] import javax.ejb.SessionContext;

      Then 60 compiling errors are popping up, like illustrad in samples below:

      [echo] build.classes.dir -> D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template/bui
      [echo] base.path -> D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template/build

      [echo] src.ejb.dir -> D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template/src/m
      [echo] build.generate.dir -> D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template/build
      [echo] src.client.dir -> D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template/src/m
      [javac] Compiling 8 source files to D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template
      [javac] D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template\src\main\ejb\test\session\T
      estSessionBean.java:22: cannot resolve symbol
      [javac] symbol : class TestEntity
      [javac] location: package interfaces
      [javac] import test.interfaces.TestEntity;
      [javac] ^
      [javac] D:\JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples\template\src\main\ejb\test\session\T
      estSessionBean.java:23: cannot resolve symbol
      [javac] symbol : class TestEntityData
      [javac] location: package interfaces
      [javac] import test.interfaces.TestEntityData;

      My JBoss server installed and started without any errors. So why doesn't the example work out of the box ???

      PLEEAAAASEEE, help!!!


      Some environment details
      [echo] build.compiler = ${build.compiler}
      [echo] user.home = C:\Documents and Settings\raymond
      [echo] java.home = C:\j2sdk1.4.1_02\jre
      [echo] ant.home = C:\apache-ant-1.5.2\bin\..
      [echo] jboss.home = D:\jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24
      [echo] xdoclet.home = D:\xdoclet-1.1.2
      [echo] java.class.path = C:\j2sdk1.4.1_02\lib\tools.jar;C:\apache-ant-1.5.2

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Your build environment doesn't seem to contain the javax.ejb.* distribution, or at least one that it likes. I note that you include a couple of j2ee.jar files in the classpath. Theory is that one of them should work.

          However, you are almost invariably better off building EJBs and JBoss clients using (including in your classpath) the jars contained in the client directory of your JBoss distribution. This includes the jboss-j2ee.jar that has definitions for the early classes you seem to be missing. So I would remove references to other j2ee.jar files to prevent any confusion.

          You'll probably find the later problems are due to missing classes they used that didn't compile because of your earlier build failures. You're not really in hell, you just have a case of cascading failures.

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            null null Newbie

            YESS!!!! VICTORY!!!!

            It seemed to last for ever, but finaly the solution is there. Actually it's just a minor misinterpetation resulting in a huge number of errors.

            Solution to name .ant.properties.exampe to .ant.properties and not to buid.properties

            And even more important using c:/foo and nog c:\foo

            hopefully this posting will help people out, which are making the same mistate I did.

            greetings to all,