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    jboss concepts and clustering

    Paulo Neves Newbie

      I'm new to jboss and pretend to create my CMS ( Content Managment System ) based on jboss.
      I pretend to implement 3 environment ( development, quality and production ).

      1) Can I have Dev and Quality environment on same computer. It's possible ?
      2) Exists any advantage in using (joss with integrated tomcat ) instead of tomcat + jboss ?
      3) Can I have a system with Apache + tomcat ( to acess static files ( images, etc..) and run jsp files ) and
      jboss to process only EJB, and other things that is not jsp's ?
      I'm my point of view, it's more easy to change jsp ( haven't to deploy ) but I don't know if it was correct and if there are any problem with that , or.
      4) Can I have a clustering of 2 or more jboss instance on same machine ( all jboss to participate on same partition but on same machine ) ? Could be a wrong solution, but I think that with this solution if one instance of jboss died, or lock ( or simply get longer to respond because a DB/File service take too many time to process) for some reason, the other instance could responde to services...probably a bad solution. What you think about that ?

      I have only 2 Computers
      Dev: Computer One
      Apache (80) + Tomcat (8080) + jboss
      Quality: Computer One
      Apache (90) + Tomcat (9090) + jboss
      Production: Computer two
      Apache (80) + Tomcat (8080) + Clustering (jboss1+jboss2+jboss3)

      Thanks for all

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          1) If necessary, you can do this. There are obvious reasons not to do it, but if you are hardware-constrained, it's better than running test and prod on the same box.

          2) IMO, use the integrated solution for sure. Security is integrated, all calls are in-VM (local vs remote), etc.

          3) Sure. This is not uncommon. Use apache with mod_jk/mod_jk2 to communicate via AJP to Tomcat or Jetty.

          4) It could work, but remember, you'd be slicing the memory and processor in two. It'd be sacrificing performance (big time if it's only a one way box) for a *possibly* more available system (assuming the only problem you have is localized to one of the JBoss instances). IMO, using a cluster in this case wouldn't buy you much - unless it's a 4 way box with at least 2 NICs. Mileage may vary, but we've had JBoss up 24x7 for 8 months without an outage.

          Just one dude's opinion.....