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    JBoss Application Directory Structure??

    ejbnewbie Newbie

      Hey Everyone-
      Hope someone will pull me out of this. I'm a really new guy to JBoss. I've had a decent amount of exposure to Weblogic 6.x/7.x and have been working on it for quite a long time. I was thinking of moving over to JBoss and i've pretty much figured out the XDoclet part (used it with Weblogic too :-)) and now remains the directory structure part. I dont know if i've read the right places.. but am pretty much confused about the directory structure that jboss follows. the quick start documentation is not so helpful and i'm not clear about it. i found another example at http://xpetstore.sourceforge.net and it confused me even more. If anyone could help me with advice or point me to somewhere that i can get an answer to my question .. that'd b just gr8

      Thanx in advance