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    Enterprise Integration Systems

    schoeto Newbie

      I'm evaluating JBoss for a possible solution for a problem at a telecom company. We have a legacy product that can be accessed via a socket connection and would like to front end it, with Java clients using JBoss as the middleware implementation.

      In order to accomplish this, I need to establish 2 dedicated client socket connections to a legacy application. One will publish unsolicited update information to my clients (I'm using JBossMQ and Pub/Sub messages) and the other will be used in a request/response format in order to implement RPC requests back to a telcom switch.

      I obviously cannot use a session bean to establish these dedicated client socket connections due to passivation/activation restrictions on the EJB container. What is the best way to interface with legacy systems requiring a dedicated socket connection using JBoss. Should I be looking at JCA to create an MBean or something else to solve this problem?

      Any advice, help or code examples of how to accomplish this would be extremely helpful. Thank you.

      Tony Schoenbachler
      eOn Communications