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    sample ejb deployment in JBoss 3.2.1 w/ Oralce9i coming up .

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      Hey there-
      i strongly believe many (new-comers mostly) have had a hard time running around websites/discussion forums looking for tips/solutions/answers. I was one of them. But thanx to a lot of posts, I could resolve most of my doubts and using trial-error methods, i finally got a sample ejb-application up and running on JBoss 3.2.1 with a back-end Oracle9i database. It is not much though, I'm still finishing the commenting part on it and also maybe a helper document to go with it. I believe this will help new-comers like me on how to start working with JBoss..
      and on a personal note, JBoss really irritated me in the beginning, i posted here and there, no replies .. and piece-by-piece it all came together and i think i'm in love with it... ;-) ... anyway .. all you newbies out there . .. keep looking for my next post ..