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      Sorry if this is a duplicate post - first one didn't seem to get onto the forum

      Hope this is the right place to put this post!

      I have a java/oracle project that has been deployed across a firewall, and I am having various problems. The web server is running W2K with Jboss/Tomcat (can't remember which version - the one that was latest in 3/2003) & JDK 1.4.1, and the server is in the DMZ or orange subnet off the firewall. The database server is running W2K with Oracle 9I (9.2), and the server is in the interneal network off the green firewall port. The firewall is a Nokia running checkpoint firewall-1.

      The application seems twitchy - it seems to stop working every now and then. The solution has usually been to stop and restart the JBOSS process, but I am looking for a perminent fix. The servers are fairly mean - 2GB memory, 2x xeon 900MHz cpus - and resources are nowhere near limiting when this problem happens. I have made the following observations on the firewall:

      1) Some packets are dropped as being 'out of state' between the two servers. Could this be causing the application hang issue? A firewall setting was changed late today that addresses this problem, but I have not yet had enough time to see if this cures the application problem.

      2) Jboss seems to be polling web clients that have a session with the web server (or did have a session). The server seems to be trying to make https connections to the client pcs that are connecting to it over the internet. The firewall drops these packets, and I guess that if it didn't, the remote site's firewall would do this anyway. Can anyone explain what is going on here?

      Of course the problem may be down to the application itself, but I need to eliminate the above from the list of possibles.

      Any advice greatly appreciated,