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    Pass-by-reference and EJB 1.1

    Nigel Birch Newbie


      On a performance-related web site I read the following:

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      In JBoss servers the jboss.xml file has an element


      Some vendors may not support pass-by-reference as default so look at your server documentation for detailed information and configure.

      In EJB1.1, configure the pass-by-reference property in vendors specific deployment descriptor file to make EJBs as local EJBs whenever you deploy both client and EJBs in the same machine/server to improve performance.

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      Right now I'm using JBoss 3.0.2 and Standard CMP EJBs. Can I force method invocations to be pass-by-reference rather than RMI? Or do I have to move to EJB2.0? Can the Optimized flag be applied to Entity Beans and Session Beans?