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    send client data when switching tabs?

    Scott Semon Newbie

      I have a tab panel with multiple tabs, and I would like to send some data that I have in a hidden field in the form to the server when I switch tabs (I am using "ajax" for the switchType). Is there some way to do this?

      I thought maybe I could use the data or actionExpression attributes of the individual rich:tab elements to send my data, but all I seem to be able to send that way is string literals. For example:

      <Rich:tab actionListener="#{myClass.myAction}" data="myData">

      In this case, when I access data within my actionListener method, I get the value "myData". Same thing when I use actionExpression. Can I somehow substitute the value of a hidden field for the literal "myData". Or is there some other way to get data in a hidden field to the server on a tab switch?