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    Redirection to JBoss ? is it possible?

    hgarrett Newbie

      Hi everyone, i am really a newbie on JBoss and
      this kind of question may seems terribly stupid.

      I have IIS 5 on W2000 and JBoss 4 working together.
      Their configuration is not working on the same ports.

      IIS is listening requests on port 80 and JBoss is on port 8080.

      I have a deployed a war file wich can be accessed by

      on IIS the DNS is configured to accept 'www.sandy.dev' as a redirection to the url 'localhost:8080/sandy/index.jsp'

      it works, but in each client i get this:

      and i would like to see this :

      is it possible? they must work on the same port?
      Does JBoss has something like a Server Alias property? How do i do that?

      Thanx anyway.. ;)