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    Stable combination of JDK+apache+Tomcat+JBoss on RedHat Linu

    vangeepuram Newbie

      I am evaluating open source for developing a web application. I want to implement SSO with Standalone Apache, JBoss on Linux. Siteminder supports apache 1.3.26. What versions of JDK and JBoss should I use?

      I've started with Jdk1.3.1_08 + Apache1.3.26 + Jboss3.2.1-tomcat4.1.24 on Linux7.2
      My concerns are...
      1.Can I use JDK1.4 ?
      2. Siteminder needs a stand-alone web server. So I plan to have apache with Jboss. In that case which version of apache-Tomcat is preferred ?
      3. Should I use Jboss alone or Tomcat +Jboss ?

      JDK1.3. download page suggests use Linux7. I am confused. Please throw some light on it.

      Chary Vangeepuram