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    Run JBoss on Linux

    stasky Newbie


      I am completely new to JBoss, apologize for being so novice, but I have to use it for my Thesis.
      After some trial-and error time, I managed to start it at home under Win XP, and to see the Management Console (JMX-Console) on the web.
      In University I have a PC with LINUX8.2 on it. When I installed JBoss, it came to the point where it at least started. Now my problem is, that it suddenly doesn't start anymore. It arrives at the point where the last 2 lines say
      "12:48:32,893 INFO [Log4jService] Created
      12:48:32,968 INFO [WebService] Creating"
      and then that's it, it doesn't do anything else, which means the JBoss Server has not started if I understand correctly...
      Does anybody have tips? I have to start it, so that I may open the JMX-Console and show it to my Professor...!

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Probably the host resolution is faulty on your boxen. The error seems to change between different JDKs.

          Essentially, the Webservice needs to check the underlying network configuration - and it does this through the java.net.* classes which interface with the native OS. It looks for things like the hostname, the address to which the host is bound and so on. Unfortunately, sometimes these are not set up correctly.

          Check the FAQ on problems with They prescribe a bunch of things to do.

          Essentially, you want /etc/hosts to be correctly set up for your machine and have an entry for your machine and have a proper localhost definition - RedHat sometimes doesn't do this properly. Make sure that localhost is declared first before the "dumb" localhost.localdomain.

 localhost localhost.localdomain
 myhost myhost.somedomain

          Define your host, myhost[/] to match the name returned by `hostname` and obviously set the right IP address.

          This should fix the problem most of the time. Also check the DNS. Again, all in the FAQ (I hope).

          Hope it helps.

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            Adrian Brock Master

            This is usually caused because there is a problem
            determng your hostname.


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              stasky Newbie

              Thanks for your help, I found some ways but not the best, now the Tomcat of my JBoss conflicts with my standard-Tomcat...I will surely ask for help again, since my programming work is just at the beginning...!