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    Help: Building Jboss in Eclipse

    lguan Newbie


      I checked out Branch_3_2 and was able to build using the build script. However when I followed instructions in JBoss guide (http://jboss.org/index.html?module=html&op=userdisplay&id=developers/guides/eclipse-howto/index) to build it in Eclipse I got error saying that the .project and .classpath files cannot be found, which was the case since none of the projects contain a .project or a .classpath file except jboss.net.

      So I copied .project/.classpath from jboss.net and made nessary changes. I was able to move forward, the problem was, however, I had to look into build errors and manually add all the missing libraries, which truned out to be a tedious process.

      The .project and .classpath files were present if I check out jboss-head. Could somebody please tell me:

      1. Why are the .project/.classpath missing when I checked out Branck_3_2?
      2. Is the instruction (see above link) obsolete? if so what's the right procedure to build an earlier version (Branch_3_2)?

      Thanks in advance.