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    RMI Troubles...

    Lasse Hummel Newbie

      Hi all...

      I have troubles with RMI. I am training with JBuilder 8 on one machine, and using JBoss on another machine - they are connected via a TCP/IP network. I have managed getting other communication functional, t.ex. Servlets, JSP,... -but I can't figure out how to proceed with RMI.

      Is there anybody who can inform me how I should set the system up? Particularly the following points are of concern:

      1. Is there any configuration setting which I should provide on the server side?

      2. Where and how should the server-side implementation and interfaces, stubs, etc., be deployed to?

      3. Is there any configuration issues on the client side?

      I hope that someone can help. Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,

      L. Hummel, Denmark