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    JNDI/EJB problem

    Tom Newbie


      I'm trying to deploy our app under JBoss but I'm having problems getting a remote Tomcat instance to use the EJBs. I'm using JBoss 4.0DR2 - as I am testing for future migration.
      I've created a standalone application which successfully connects and runs fine but under Tomcat I end up with...

      ERROR [main] (ServiceMBeanSupport.java:240) - Starting failed: javax.naming.NamingException: Context is read only
      FATAL [main] (ClientServiceMBeanSupport.java:76) - Could not set up mbean server or mbeans in client.naming.NamingException: Context is read only

      So I'm wondering if any Tomcat libs are getting in the way. I've tried hardcoded values, and env variables for tomcat to make sure the JBoss client libs are used and also tried creating a jndi.properties.
      The libs I have on the client include _all_ jars from $JBOSS/client/ (just to be sure) and jboss-system.jar, jboss-jmx.jar + jboss-remoting.jar from $JBOSS/lib/ dir as they seemed to be required.
      I have the feeling it's something simple but I can't think of anything more to try :-P