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    simple JMS Application ?

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      i've got a very simple problem. I need to send Messages from a seperate Java-Application over a JMS-server to Message Driven Beans. The reference implementation is ok, all the the theory is ok, but how to modify the xml-files in the jboss to register a message-queue, how to initialize the InitialContext (the hashtable for the InitialContext) ? I read the jboss-start.pdf, i add a description to the jbossmq-destinations-service.xml like in the introduction, but jBoss only prints errors after that or after starting with that modified file. Why is it so difficult to find an example ? Not the code, theres enough, but how to configure the jboss-jms service !

      What are the properties for the InitialContext ? What files do i have to edit in the Jboss-directories ? Why is the documentation for jBoss so poor ?

      Or have i overlooked something ?

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          riki1512 Newbie

          Ok ok,

          i send my first message from a client and received the message asynchronously from another client.

          I forgot to set jboss-allclient.jar into the classpaths, there was no Compilation error of course but a runtime one.
          Then there was only the exception 'myQueue not bound'. Over the jmx-console there is a testqueue, over that one i send the message and it works.

          But i still can't register my own queue in the destinations-xml...how to do that ?