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    getting started ? (or: how to migrate from php to jboss ??)

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      after spending last 2 weeks of looking around in forums and pages about j2ee, trying to get started with jboss im nearly finished with my believe to change from php to java....

      currently im the responsible person for www.whiskyworld.de , a webshop with 1600 articles wich i programmed in PHP - i dont know why but when i read some months ago some articles about java, j2ee and jboss i thought i might change to it, but i still werent able to get a foot into it...

      i mean i read the bit of jboss doku u can get for free and were able to set up the jboss server on my local machine but how can i start the project ??? - everywhere you read about the great java things like sperating busines logic from presenatation but i have no clue ho this can be achieven.. i still have no clue where i should start...

      can anyone give me some hints how to start a eCommerce project like this ? - wich ide ? - how to configure it ? (i tried eclipse, but it doesnt know jboss?- jbuilder personal also seemed not very informative ... and how do i know how to deploy ?? - i tried websphere express v5 trial and understod most of it, but i cant afford it)

      hope sb will help me,



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          Sethuramalingam Vijayakumar Newbie


          I just visited the site you designed, it's very nice. If you migrate your site to J2EE based, especially by using JBoss, it will be a real world proof of JBoss.

          Okay, i'm comming to your point.

          To Develop a complete J2EE based eCommerce application you should be very clear about the J2EE Technology. To get more ideas, just explore the http://java.sun.com/j2ee/ site.

          People are so great, they made the J2EE Blue print program, the Petstore project available to JBoss, called it xPetstore.

          Once you clear with the J2EE technology, download the JBoss and Xpetstore and explore it. It may be a kickstart for you with JBoss.

          Use the Lomboz plug-in with Eclipse to develop and deploy J2EE modules.