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    Im really new

    amyarjun Newbie

      Good Day
      Sorry for asking this can i now what is really jboss server is
      for what can i use it
      is it a database or ...
      is it a parser for something if yes what does it pass and with what does it intereact
      what are the application or programming language that can interact with jboss
      so many thing playing in my mind some body can give the answer in a very simple word -- dont give me an article because some article are really hard to understand

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          Aruna Newbie

          JBoss is a aplication server.In other words Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) server. JBoss provides JBoss Server, the basic EJB container, and Java Management Extension (JMX) infrastructure.It also provides JBossMQ, for JMS messaging, JBossTX, for JTA/JTS transactions, JBoss CMP for CMP persistence, JBossSX for JAAS based security, and JBossCX for JCA connectivity. Support for web components, such as servlets and JSP pages, is provided for third party servlet engines like Tomcat and Jetty. JBoss enables you to mix and match these components through JMX by replacing any component you want with a JMX complaint implementation for the same APIs. JBoss doesn’t even impose the components. Now that is modularity.

          You can find lot of documentation about jboss server. Actually some documents are too advanced for bigginers(i'm also new for jboss) but you can find good documents on the web. And you can get more information from this forums. search and try it.

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            amyarjun Newbie

            Thanks padmal
            is jboss can be use to do a web application
            eg. i'll use html front end + asp the middle layer + db the backend

            if jboss can do web how can use it, is it a middle layer
            eg. java page + jboss + oracle
            is it something like this

            in a application i'll always use vb + ADO + db
            where does jboss come in if i want to use
            GTK development with jboss and a oracle or mysql


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              Aruna Newbie

              yes it can use for web application.JBoss is based on JAVA. You should have knowledege of J2EE technology and EJBs. I think you cant deploy vb or asp on JBoss (I'm not sure. i never done it).
              Normally its run first start on interface (html/jsp). then goes to servlet.next sesion beans,then entity beans and finally database. I have used oracle and SQL server both (not in same time) as database. so u should use oracle driver for connet the database for ur application.

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                amyarjun Newbie

                hi thanks,
                sorry for late reply on vacation in Brisbane, Austaralia
                hey padmal you know any site with documentation,sample, tutorial using jboss.
                i just need some begining detail to know more about jboss server.
                if you have please foward it to me
                if you have any docu. please mail me at amyarjun@yahoo.com

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                  Aruna Newbie

                  hi, Following URL is good documentation and it has small sample.What is the jboss version u used now. I'm using jboss-3.0.6 and it is easy to understand and deploy the sample. If u r using jboss-3.2.1 you should do some changes.
                  this is the URL