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    How too use only Tomcat in Jboss 4.0

    Marc Roy Olsen Newbie

      I hvae used my summer on leaning servlets, jsp and have to run them on Tomcat.
      Now that I got that too work I won't to move on, and take the full advangte off the J2EE, writing some ejb and so on.
      So I downloaded Jboss. And i got it too start and all that. But before I thruge me self on the ejb's, I like it if I got all my old web app to work on Jboss.
      In my Tomcats server.xml I put this line:

      And then I just put all my jsp, servlets, and suff in that path.
      Can I do somthing similer in jboss??

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          I have not tries JBoss 4 yet, it is currently a developer release so probably not the best release to start learning J2EE.

          The general principal to deploy a web application is :-

          Make sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set.

          In {jboss.folder}/bin execute the run.bat or run.sh to start JBoss.

          Put your web applications war file in the {jboss.folder}/server/default/deploy and it will then be automatically deployed.

          If your application was in a war called 'WebApp.war' you would then be able to access it through