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    Include directories

    twutort Newbie


      I'm doing a port from weblogic and I have thousands of jsp files that point to javascript and have include files. However, when we did a test port to jboss we realized we couldn't pick these files up referencing the same directory. Is there any way we can pick them up using the same paths? Here is an example:

      - In weblogic our jsps reference them like following:

      <%@ include file="/includes_jsp/ADMIN/sniffer.shtml" %>

      - Here is how we had to do it in Jboss:

      <%@ include file="/wwwroot/includes_jsp/ADMIN/sniffer.shtml" %>

      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JAVASCRIPT SRC="/SimShop/wwwroot/includes/ADMIN/APIWrapper.js">

      Is there any setting we can set so that we do not have to change all of our jsps and pick up these includes from /includes and /includes_jsp on?