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    External JNDI namespaces

    naskoak Newbie

      Dear all,
      I am a novice in JBoss environment.
      Recently i have struggled to run JBoss with an external JNDI service.
      My environment is:
      JBoss 3.0.4 and BEA Weblogic 7.0
      I want to run JBoss with the naming service of WLS. After many attempts, reading books and articles, i still cannot connoct.
      Btw, i followed the advice from the handbook "JBoss 3.0 - Deployment and Administration", page 71. But, i need to admit that the script is wrong (with typos) and not complete.
      What have i done so far:
      1. Put weblogic.jar at the classpath of JBoss.
      2. Configured the jboss-service.xml file to trigger the MBean:


      3. Created weblogic.properties file:
      4. run WLS to make JNDI available
      5. run JBoss from the console.

      The result is always :
      INFO [ExternalContext] Starting
      ERROR [ExternalContext] Starting failed
      java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory.(java.util.Hashtable, [Ljavax.naming.ldap.Control;)
      Well, the message is clear, but how to solve it ?
      Am i missing something ?
      If you have experience in this area and have successfully connected JBoss with WLS, please, help me.

      Waiting for your advice!
      Best regards,