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    How to reload a CSS file?

    mcepek Newbie

      I'm converting our JSPs to use CSS. The development cycle is horrible because JBoss is acting as if it caches CSS files.

      The only way I have found to ensure that the CSS file is reloaded is to shut down JBoss and restart it.

      I have tried deleting the .../work/localhost/xxx/yyy.class file for the JSP which uses zzz.css. JBoss recompiles the yyy.jsp file but no recent* changes to zzz.css are applied to that page.

      I have also tried editing the .../deploy/Default/xxx.war/web10XX/yyy.jsp file directly -- same results as above.

      * - JBoss is acting as if any JSP using that CSS file causes the CSS file to be cached for all subsequent JSP files.

      We're using JBoss v2.4.4 and Struts v1.0.2 or v1.1b1 on both Win2K and SCO (unix).

      Is there some config thing to fix this? Do I need some other magic to reload the CSS? Can anyone else reproduce this? Is this a known problem in our version?

      Lots of thanks, this is driving me nuts! :-O