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    Accessing bean problem

    satya b Newbie


      i am new to jBoss 3.2.

      i did jar file using jar -cvf temp.jar .

      jar file is having home,remote,bean class,Meta-inf\ejb-jar.xml,\Jboss.xml files

      dependent classes i placed in the jboss\all\Web-inf\classes directory

      i deployed the jar file in the jboss\all\deploy directory

      if i put home,remote,bean classes in Web-inf\classes directory jar file is not deployed
      "it was saying give fully qualified <ejb-name> "

      if i deleted home,remote,bean classes from Web-inf\classes directory ,jar file deployed.

      when i am trying to accesses it is saying NoClassDefFound Error.

      where shall i put these classes home,remote,bean classes?

      shall i need to set the classpath for these classes.

      Please help me.



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          Mathew Blackberry Newbie

          home/remote classes should not be in your WEB-INF/classes directory. All that needs to go in your WEB-INF dir should be ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml.

          your ejb classes should be in their package dirctory eg.


          once you have jar'ed these files into appname.jar
          add appname.jar into another jar and rename to appname.ear.

          deploy this ear file.