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    J2EE Certification

    gwp Newbie

      Hi All

      I'm relatively new to Java, having written but a few apps and servlets (in Tomcat) without any EJBs.

      I going through a steep learning curve at the moment and I'm busy teaching myself about the whole EJB architecture and what it offers.

      Anyway... I'm a big supporter of Open Source and would like to seriously consider using JBOSS in my company, but I'm wondering about the progress of the SUN J2EE ref implementation certification

      According to SUN at http://java.sun.com/j2ee/licensees.html JBOSS is still not certified.

      Has this been a conscious decision? If so what is the idea, or is this still maybe in the pipeline?

      Any insights would be welcome



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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          JBOSS is still not ceritified with SUN, In July,03 Jboss Anounced that they are negotiation with SUN and are commited for its compliance with J2EE standards.
          That was in July, But it seems too me this is not progressing very well,
          as John Schwartz blasted some organizations in the recently ongoing SUN conference.

          Jonathon Swartz stated, "There are some duplicitous companies that like to compare and equate open source with not-for-profit."

          Read more on this..........


          But if you want to prepare of J2EE certification then there are dedicated news gropus on yahoo, you will be able to get more info there.